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tions to economic growth and job creation.Xi ma▓de the remarks when addressing the clo▓sing ceremony of the BRICS business forum in the Brazilian capital.Many new changes have taken ▓place in the world for a period of time, Xi told approximately 600 business delegates f▓rom BRICS countries, saying that the changes brought numerous opportunities as well as challenges.A▓s for opportunities, Xi said the power unleashed by a new round of technological revolut▓ion and industrial transformation has ope▓ned up new ground for productivity growth, and econom▓ic and social development.At the same time, he said, mounti?/p> ing Natio?/a>

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坣g protectionism and bullyism are eroding glob▓al trade, investment and weighing down the world economy."W▓hen businesses have confidence, the market will enjoy vitality," Xi told the audience, calling on the business sector to seize the opportunities and address▓ the challenges.The business circles should cont▓inue to full-play their advantages, take an acti▓ve part in promoting economic cooperation a▓mong BRICS countries, and actively invest and ▓do businesses in BRICS countries to make tangible contributions to growth and job creation, Xi said.The BRICS partnership on new industrial revolution is▓ vital t

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cooperation so as to make tangible contributions to economic growth a▓nd job creation.Xi urges business sector's ▓a
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